Benefits of Dynabook Mobile Secure Client

Dynabook Mobile Secure Client

Thin or Zero client solutions

Operational and security updates, including customer requirements, are prepared by Dynabook Engineers for simple targeted estate deployment. Minimal management needed customer side.
Requires re-configuration and technical intervention to update.
Guards against data theft by using an IoT operating system that is loaded into system RAM each boot. No changes are possible to the IoT OS itself and system RAM is purged at power-down. No VDI session data is cached or retained.
Thin Client vulnerable to malware due to its local storage and USB drive.
Empower your staff to work anywhere using award-winning Dynabook hardware.
Mainly desktop PCs, which require dedicated purchase of displays, and more.
Increase productivity by enabling home-working and being able to rapidly deploy a device from factory to anywhere without requiring any configuration.
Devices require extensive configuration or need to be domain joined - a challenge for urgent deployments (as needed in the Covid pandemic) or home-working.
Create modern, clean and flexible working areas throughout your offices where employees are free to move around without being tied to one particular desk.
Every workplace looks the same with a desktop PC, standard display and accessories. Meeting rooms also need to be equipped with additional devices.
Supports Citrix, VMware, and Windows/Azure Virtual Desktop with simple and seamless integration on the same device.
Thin and Zero clients are usually optimized for one VDI solution.
Tailored to your requirements by Dynabook engineers so it can be delivered directly to the end user –working straight out of the box. The ultimate Autopilot concept.
Generically produced, requiring extensive configuration and setup once received.
Provides common features, such as external display control, brightness control, volume control and battery status, accessibility controls, etc.
Offers limited connectivity and functionality.
Is not domain joined or domain managed. Fully secure without the need for domain management overhead so can be securely used anywhere with an internet connection and is user agnostic.
Usually requires a level of domain join and/or dedicated to a nominated user leading to more management and less flexibility.

Make IT secure with Dynabook

We're one of the only manufacturers that creates our own BIOS and UEFI's. That means we've got the expertise to write secure firmware for DMSC, and tightly control the functionality of our devices to avoid security risks.

More than 35 years of laptop engineering experience has gone into creating our secure firmware and award-winning hardware – so you can count on a future-proof, ultra-reliable investment.

Discover DMSC: simplifying IT management and security in the hybrid era.

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*Boot allowance can be controlled by customer or via a selected service partner

Product specifications, configurations and system component/options availability are all subject to change without notice. Product design specifications and colours are subject to change without notice and may vary from those shown.